Wikipedia AVIF support

What is Wikipedia?

There is Wikipedia, a free, multilingual, and open-source online information platform. The online encyclopedia's content is editable by volunteers from around the world, much like the "wikis" preceded it. Wikipedia has tens of thousands of editors, from experts to casual users, who can change, delete, or add information at will. As a result, a wide variety of data can be provided and verified about a particular person, place, or thing.

Thus, Wikipedia can provide users with a great starting point for research, allowing them to find more reliable and trustworthy sources outside of Wikipedia. An article on Wikipedia, for instance, might introduce the reader to a concept or idea, guiding them to explore the details and verify the validity of the statements.

As with its information, the platform is funded by crowdsourcing. Since Wikipedia is a user-funded effort, it depends on donations and grants from users to provide free knowledge to as many people as possible.

Wikipedia AVIF support

For a strange reason, uploading AVIF images on Wikipedia ends up with the uploader showing the actual image but throwing an error once you upload the image. There are no official plans as to whether AVIF support will be included in the future.

wikipedia showing avif thumbnailwikipedia throwing error on upload
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