Xpra 2 AVIF support


Xpra allows you to run X11 programs on a remote host, direct the display of those programs to your local machine, disconnect from those programs and reconnect from the same or another device without losing any state, allowing you to access individual devices' graphical applications remotely. Furthermore, it can be used to access existing desktop sessions and to initiate remote desktop sessions.

Xpra is an open-source project that provides clients for many platforms and includes an HTML5 client built into the server. Xpra can support a wide range of network protocols and adapts to a variety of network conditions.

By forwarding and synchronizing many additional desktop features, Xpra enables remote applications to be integrated seamlessly into the client's desktop environment: audio input and output, printers, clipboards, system trays, notifications, and webcams. Additionally, it can open documents and URLs remotely, display high-quality content, and honor the display's DPI.

AVIF support

On 15th February 2021, Xpra added decoding to the html5 client. However, the encoding side had significant performance problems. Some browsers now support the libavif codec natively. As codecs become more efficient, they have accelerated decoding over time.

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